1. Hi, Clowie! Thanks for commenting and the follow—I’m looking forward to visiting your blog. And maybe someday the Pyrenees again. I’ve seen the French side, but never the Spanish.I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a smart phone. Dare I say that I remember when mobile phones did NOT exist?!

  2. Super , vind de andere boeken al geweldig ,dus deze staat al op mijn verlanglijstje.maar vindt het ook heel mooi van jullie dat ,jullie op de site er bij betrokken zijn en advies en tips geven.groetjes Liz

  3. Thanks, GTOMRI added the link you gave in the post.matsu,I hope I didn't make any mistake, but if you find anything, please let me know.After writing this post, I got extremely interested in why Russian didn't even try to take Liancourt Rocks. I think they recognized it's Japan's, though it is just a guess.

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