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Greenland Dreamsin is supported by following brands and companies:


Partioaitta Oy is Finlands largest outdoor retailer and a genuine outdoor persons superstore. One can find all the gear needed from to woods of southern Finland or the harsh tundras of the Lapland. Partioaitta offers support from electronic goods to tent and other necessities for the expeditions use.

Partioaitta has wide network of shops around Finland. Shops can be found from Helsinki to Saariselkä and everywhere between. Partioaitta has been part of finnish outdoors for decades. Partioaitta also has a webstore worth checking out.

twitter: @Partioaitta




Greenland Dreams expedition wears Marmot. American brand is known for excellent quality and reliability. Marmots history goes back over 40 years. Expedition is happy to use Marmot as both members have used their gear earlier in the mountains and in the cold of Laplands winters. With Marmot clothes we are more than happy to tackle Greenlands harsh weathers.

twitter: @Marmot


Smartwool offers underlayers for expeditions use. Good underlayers are the basics of all good winter clothing system. High quality merino wool layers will keep the team nice and warm in Greenland.

Smartwool is a American brand that is known around the world from its high quality products. Smartwool clothes are used all around from trail running to arctic expeditions.

twitter: @Smartwool



Greenland Dreams uses high quality socks from Lorpen. Technical merino based socks are the best choice for arctic. Lorpen is a Spain based company that produces high quality socks for hikers and adventurers. Last years both team members have used Lorpen socks and are happy to do so also in Greenland.

twitter: @Lorpen



Eyes have hard time on the glacier as the sun shines from the skies and reflects from the ice and snow. Not protecting ones eyes can cause snow blindness and a loads of problems. Another thing are the storms, winds and whiteouts where protection is needed.

French Julbo makes durable and highly functional goggles and sunglasses. Expedition team uses pair of both. Special photochromatic lenses fit well needs in Greenland.

twitter: @JulboEyewear