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In cooperation with Greenland Dreams expedition:

relaa_logo is the biggest Finnish outdoor forum online. There is stories from hiking to mountains, biking to surfing. All the good stuff of outdoors can be found here. We will write blog posts of various things to the site for those who are interested to read.

Thing about forums is that you can ask and comment, please do so!





Shelby Oy is a small but fierce outdoor company for those make-your-own-gear-guys. Shelby has a wide selection of fabrics and all the bits and pieces that one can practically need for their gear. Expedition makes part of its own equipment for Greenland and with Shelbys knowledge and quality materials its not a hard task.

At that stage when you think of making some waterproof stay-ups or some Tuheros, head to Shelbys website for the stuff you need.



Synaptic Oy is a company that sell solutions for solar energy amoung other things. If you need some solutions for outdoors and trips these guys can hook you up with some Goal Zero products. Greenland Dreams team did just that!