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Sarek during spring 2014

Life is for learning - they say. We have made a training plan for our selfs that includes set of skills that we need to recap or to learn. Big trip and totally on our own means that there is lots of things to take in count. One should be ready react to practically to everything on the ice.

Also training physical training is a big part of our days now. We are active dudes but we need to push it bit more for this trip in the training. Iron bents and sweat is pouring as we get ready.



Expeditions second bigger training to place in Sarek Sweden during february 2014

Skills training

Expedition traines for some special skills need in Greenland. We try to meet around certain topics so we get things covered properly. We both are experienced in glacier travel but skiing roped as a two man team with four sledges is something we have not done ever. Crevasse rescue with the same setting is going to be interesting business to try.

Medicalwise we are on our own on the ice so if you get in trouble or sick its all on us to take care. We have been going trough different kind of scenarios and there is a lot of to think about from stomach problems to infections etc. We are lucky that we can contact our expeditions doctors if in need by satphone.

We are planning to take quite a lot of material from the trip and to edit in to something that can be published later on. As we are not that experienced with film making and shooting material we try to practice as much we can during our training period so we get proper and interesting material on the memory cards to share with everyone.

Emergency situations is another thing, lots of things can happen that turn things very bad. For example a piteraq storm, crevasse fall or some other accident for example with hot water or stoves can cause problems. We go trough different kind of scenarios so we would be prepared how to act if something happens.

Greenland is also home of these lovely white teddybears that look very cute on nature documents but can be quite a serious opponent if encountered in wrong way. Polar bears live on the cost areas water and rely on sea ice to hunt and travel. Specially our starting area is bear sensitive area. We practice with shotgun how to defend our selfs if we meet a hostile bear. This is not most likely to happen but thing that has to be taken in count.



Teams climbing session during autumn 2013

Physical practise

Pulling 85kg sledge is rather simple thing to do, you just need to do it around 8 times 50 minutes every day for a month and a half. Problem mainly is that this activity can be done only in winters time and so we have to figure something to replace it during snowless ground. Tyre pulling is common way to practice and exercise for arctic. Tie in a rope in to a old care tyre and add enough weight and just go for it. Sweat guaranteed. This is the basis of our training.

Otherwise physical training is quite simple, just do what you do normally. Maybe the focus is bit more on the endurance but thats taken care mostly with normal running laps we do anyways. For power we have our own systems, Olli does wrestling and kettlebells and Lauri goes for indoor and outdoor climbing. Key is to brake sweat every day.

Tyrepulling, strenght training and gaining endurance is the basic stuff that can be topped with anything one likes. Selection goes from climbing to badminton and squash plus swimming to hiking with backpack. Point is just that one needs to do it. Same time we try to avoid injuries as good as we can.

In the sense of a physical training program is normally understood we do not have on. We trust in our normal activities and basic fitness. We will see if its enough in the spring 2015 ;)