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We started to plan this expedition suring autumn 2013 even we had talked about it for longer time. We wanted to push our winter trips to next level and now is the time to do something bigger. Our shared interest for the cold and icy has been a big thing last years, now its getting to a totally new place. Skiing in the arctic for big time is a dream for us both and now we are going for it.

At this stage ( autumn 2014 ) it is quite clear that putting up something in this scale is not a easy task. Going to lapland for a week or so is something different thing. Project takes lots of time, calls, emails, meetings and weekends just seem to go. On top of normal work this thing feels like a another one. But a very very good one.

Our sincere wish is to make this expedition open and available for those interested. We have followed past trips from our native and foreign teams from the computer screens and wish to show others what we do. Hopefully public is interested as all this is done by practically our selfs on our own. We try to keep thing interesting during preparatory phase and also during the crossing it self.

Welcome to join our adventure!

Lauri & Olli



Scenery on our practice trip to Sarek Sweden


Winter - Spring 2014

Our first training trips were to Kilpisjärvi in Enontekiö and to Sarek Sweden. After the trip to Sarek we decided on our general timetable for the project. Also at that stage we decided not to go for the normal route of crossing. We booked dates with experienced expeditioneers and with some outdoor professionals to get some general directions how these things are done. We needed all the help, specially meeting with Reissu-Petes was good one and Timo "Mudi" Muttonen gave us a huge amount of help for marketing and promotions.

Otherwise that time went quickly, looking and studying materials plus doing preparations. We started actively to seek sponsors and supporters. Its hard to find those if you have not done your homework. We got quite a many thanks-but-no-thanks but it did not stop us.

Plans after plans, charts, maps and lists where done. We hooked up with Synaptic and they got us sweet GoalZero solarpanels and powerpacks. We also made agreement to do some communicational cooperation with webforum for outdoor enthusiasts.



Many of our chats have been on crags


Summer 2014

Lauri spent the summer in the mountains in Tajikistan chasing 7000ners and otherwise we took a summer leave from preparations. From august we put a new phase to the whole thing and started getting busy again. We made the frame for these sites and got active on the sponsor front again.

We made agreement with Greendoor Oy that is the importer for multiple high quality brands and they provided us with gear from Marmot, Smartwool, Lorpen and Julbo. Also we made deal for cooperation with Shelby from Oulu that is a company providing fabrics and materials for MYOGs.

As we live on different sides of Finland we are not able to spend all evenings doing things together. We travelled to Lappeenranta to meet Jaakko "Korpijaakko" Heikka and Nina Tervavuo for some advice. They crossed Greenland via the normal route during spring 2014. Specially all the paperwork was a topic as they had recent experience from all of it.

During early october we got confirmation for support from Finlands largest outdoor retailer Partioaitta to gear up the team.

Autumn 2014

These websites went public 24.10.2014 so all down here is plans and ideas for the future.

During the late autumn we have a meetings all around, visit to one of our doctors to check our ideas for first-aid equipment and going trough different kind of medical scenarios. Also a visit to Finnish arctic clubs meeting is on the timetable. Late november we will head up to the nations capital to check out Helsinki Adventure Night thats a outdoor movie event. This year the lean-mean-swiss-machine Ueli Steck is arriving to give a presentation so this is a must for us. During both weekends we have plenty of time to meet up and go trough our plans.

We also make part of our gear by our selfs. Cooking box, "tuheros", insulation skirt and boot covers are on the working list. So plenty of creational work to be done with scissors and sewing machine. Luckilly Olli is very handy dude when it comes to outdoor gear.

Winter 2015

During new years we will be at Pyhä-Luosto national park to teach some winter skills for the wilderness guide course of the Guides and Scouts of Finland. We have a week to spend in the elements and after that we are going to stay for some special training on our selfs.

In the end of january and during february we will spend two long weekends on lake and sea ice to do our final training trips. Our goal is to test our final gear and our condition on skies too. Lets hope that there is solid ices on our waters this winter. There is also lots of testing for our electronics and com-devices to be done too. Hopefully our first on-ice-posts come trough satelite from either one of these trips.

We are also working on our food during the first months of the year. Our shopping list is quite long as we are going to dry practically all our food our selfs. Also all the food, nuts and bars need to be packed for the trip and transport. This takes quite a lot of time in fact as we are doing this from the scratch.

In march everything should be ready and out cargo goes towards Greenland. Expedition itself starts towards Greenland 10th of april and we are planning to be on skies the 16th.