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Bluebird at Swedens finest mountain region

Crossing of the icecap is planned to start 16th of april 2014 from near by Ammassalik village in Tasiilaq area. We should reach Qasingiannaguit in 35 to 40 days of time from that. In total distance to be covered is roughly 700km. Starting from the east coast we will climb up the glacier and hopefully reach the top of the glacier at around 2500 metres in about three weeks of time. At the beginning we will meet the hardest bits of this trip, crevassed glacier and chance for piteraq storms are there. Piteraqs are high winds that roll down from the glacier and can gain tropical storm speeds near the edge of the glacier.

At the edges weather should be rather mild as the sea keeps thing relatively warm. When up on the glacier temperatures can easily go down to minus 30 and colder.

We cannot start earlier on the spring as the danish authorities do not allow to start before 16th of april. Control of the expeditions is quite tight in many ways, for example solo crossings are not allowed and one needs expensive insurances to cover evacuations.

When we reach the western edge of the glacier we will meet with huge crevassed area that is melting rapidly. We cannot start from this side as there is absolutely no going to this 30-40km area when its covered with snow. We will switch to crampons and navigate trough this maze to reach a "horn" moraine that provides passage out of the glacier. It will be very interesting two to three days getting past this area. We´ll move some 40-50km south from the one of the largest caving face in the world that feeds Illullisat ice fjord that was featured in the document "Chasing ice."

After reaching ground we will hike trough small hills to our destination Qasigiannaguit on the shore of Disco bay area. These phase is around 60km by foot.


Drifting snow in Sarek

In the beginning of the crossing days will be heavy with uphill and bulky sledges. After the first harder bits things should settle and kilometers should be easier. To reach destination in 35 days we need to do around 20km per day every day. This means that what we lack in distance during the beginning we have to take back when sledges get lighter and skiing easier.

At the end of the crossing sledges should go down in weight and terrain should be downhill ( it doesnt mean anything but its not uphill! ) so we should be able to do days around 30km distance. Few last days will be slower but still in light weights doable.

So after around 6 weeks of skiing we should be sipping pints at Disco bay hotel with all the food eaten and fuel burned, from the stoves and dudes. We will take everything from the smallest rubbish out from the glacier ( excl. human waste. ) as gentleman do!