Greenland Dreams - 2015

Finnish expedition to Greenland



Greenland Dreams – few facts
Greenland is in many ways rather interesting place. One of the worlds largest glacier, piteraq-storms and white lovely teddybears to begin with. This is our first post about planning and preparing phase of our expedition that takes place spring 2015.
To be straight with it, plan is simple. We will ski cross Greenland from east coast to west coast, this is a around 700km trip. We will start from Tasiilaq area and finish to Qasigiannaguit. This should take us around 35-40 day to do, in total the trip from home door and back will last 50 days. Simply we have to ski 20km every day for little over month.
Just not to give that impression that this will that simple there is few things one needs to know. To start with our sledges will weight arounfd 80-90kg on the start line. Everyone who has pulled pulka know that it is serious weight to pull. On fact is also that we will start our journey from sea level and we have to pull all that stuff up to 2500 meter altitude. In the beginning of the glacier the edges are heavilly crevassed so we will start our journey on crampons. When we get bit higher and there is enough snow to ski we pack the crampons and head on a direct line towards our exit point on the other edge of the glacier. On the other side we put the crampons back on and head to dry land. Last 60km we will go by foot to Qasigiannaguit.
Weather will make our trip adventurous. Specially first week will have lot to be worried, so called piteraq-storms rage on the east coast during spring time. This things start rapidly and can blast winds up to tropical storm speeds. Only thing to do when you find your self in one is to stop, put tent up and make snowwall around it. Then you just wait it to stop. Temperatures are another thing, it goes easilly down to -30 plus the windchill.
Just not to make it too easy there is something else to be worried than the piteraqs. There is these lovely looking white bears in east Greenland. Even we would love to see on in their own habitat we hope that it wont happen on this trip. We will carry a shotgun with us but still meeting with a maximum 650kg Ursus Maritimus is not something we hope to do.
And to add some flavour to the end part also there is this rather interesting little area near the other edge of the glacier. Finnish Reissu-Petes traveled from the same area 10 years ago and the impression what we got was quite harsh. Around 40-50km area that can be discribed a glacier labyrinth. Our route goes just some tens of kilometers south of Illullisat icefjord. If you have seen document called Chasing Ice you understand the nature of this area. Our aimpoint is a 6km long moraine ridge that should allow us to access dry land.
Thats about it in simplicity. We have been planning this thing for the last two years. Final go-go decision was done autumn 2013 and after that we have been busy on preparations for spring 2015. Like our expeditions name – Greenland Dreams – tells this is our joint dream and ambition. Finally its getting shape!
About us too I can tell that we have been doing trips to mountains and lapland for the last five years together. We met round ten years ago at a scout camp and did also our military service in same place. After that we have been busy going all around. We are two normal guys with rather unique taste of humor and way to do things. So we are doing our own thing with our own style!



Welcome to follow Greenland Dreams 2015 expedition. This website tells the story of two Finns that will cross the icecap during spring 2015. Hopefully you enjoy to follow our adventure to the vast ice fields of Greenland.

Expedition team is two friends that share a common interest for winter outings and challenges. We have done ski trips in the Finlands and Swedens lapland. Both have also a experience in mountain climbing, we have climbed in European alps, Nordics and in central Asia. For us this is the time to do the big expedition we have been talking about for some years now.

We will cross the glacier from east to west. Crossing in total will be around 720 km, around 95& will be done on skies and rest on foot. Expedition is unsupported and unassisted on the ice. We start our trip from Tasiilaq area and will finish at Qasingiannaguit. Crossing takes around 35-40 days in total, everything we need and eat is hauled in sledges from beginning to finish line.

Expedition is planning to do active communication during the whole project. Our websites are supported by a Facebook-site plus Twitter and Instagram accounts. During the crossing we will post blogs and pics from the ice.

We are supported by excellent line-up of companies and brands, thanks for them at this phase all ready!


Lauri Hilander and Olli Häkkänen


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