Other equipment

Other equipment


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We move on skies for around 95% of the trip.


Most of moving is done on skies. Expedition uses 200cm long steel edge fjell-skies. One can abuse these things suprisingly lot. As bindings we use so called manual BC Magnums.

As we have around 85kg of weight to haul and first half of our journey is uphill we need to add extra grip to our skies. We use skins that go 2/3 of the skies lenght. Middle part is fasted with screws and the first part is removable according to the weather. When over the highest point and after our sledges are lighter we will unscrew the middle part out.



1th version of our boot covers

Skiboots are standard heavier BC boots that have a extra insulating cover boot on top of it. As the temperatures vary a lot on the ice this is a easy way to keep enough of insulation on the boot. Covers are waterproof and made from Shelbys materials. We will walk the last 60km on hills to our destination with the same boots.

Poles are made for mountain / backcountry skiing, both also have one extra pole just in case. Poles need to be tough made, we use them also as tent begs.

As sledges we use Erapro Paris Expedition pulkas. These are light weight yet durable and cheap choice. Custom made special pulkas cost thousands of euros and do not make that huge of an difference in Greenland. Paris pulkas are a standard now days in Greenland

Tools and repair

Expedition has a set of different kind of tools to meet the needs at Greenland. Shovel is the most important one, we collect snow to melt, dig place for the tent and fix a "toilet" with it. We also take a snowsaw to make blocks for wind wall around the tent if the weather goes wild. For covered crevasses we have a snow probe so we can check what we are skiing to.

Sadly even the best equipment brakes when beaten enough. For this we have a selection of things to use for repairs, basics like screws, glue, supertape etc. We can fix a moon module if we need to! Leatherman helps with all the repairs.


On a glacier in Norway

Glacier gear

As we spend 95% of our expedition on a glacier we do need some special equipment to go. Specially in the beginning and the end of the trip are on broken and crevassed glacier. Problem is that when we move as a duo there is little to zero chance to do a selfarrest if another goes to a crevasse. There is just too much weight when you combine a man and a sledge. We can build a z-pulls to get another out if one falls. For this we have ice crews, tiplocs, prusik loops etc.

Fixing rope system for two guys and four sledges is interesting business. All sledges are fixed to the rope as their own with prusik loops so if they fall the weight goes to the rope and not to the sledgeharness on the skier. You dont want to hang in crevasse with a 85kg of sldges hanging from your back.

We need to use crampons in the end and beginning of the trip when the ice is not covered with snow. We use simple steel strap crampons.


Lauris frostbitten toe taken care by a Tajik doctor

First aid kit

We are on our own on the glacier. We can call our doctor with satphone or send a picture on email but everything needs to be done by our selfs. So our selection of drugs, medicine and medical equipment is quite large as we have prepared for blisters and infections, burns and wounds and so on. Our medbox contains over 50 different items in total.

We have trained with medical equipment with a doctor and have few to call if in need.