Electronics & Communications

Electronics & Communication


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Olli taking pics at Norways mountains

Modern expeditions can enjoy different kind of pros from electronic equipment that old day teams could not. We can get communicate with outside world from the glacier easily. When in need we can call for medical support or mother, what ever we need to. Expedition also has a selection of other electronic essentials.

Emergency gear

One just cannot go out and ski in Greenland without permission from the local admistration. Requirements give a list of safety gear that teams need to have. For this there is obvious reason; thing can happen. PLB emergency beacon sends location via a satellite to rescue operators if activated. Satphone is also required plus every team need to carry a sea-VHF-radio.


Satphone is essential tool for communications


Expedition will send blogposts and pictures daily from the glacier. Satphone can be connected to a device that allows to use bluetooth connection to get messages and pictures from for example a tablet computer. Sadly the quality of pictures is bit bad but anyways you get them out into internet.

In to a tablet team can upload some entertainment and materials. This comes useful if there is a resting day or stop due a storm. Recommend movies if you wish!

Photo equipment

Teams wish is to make this expedition open and active in communications. Hopefully there is a lot of pictures and videos to share with everyone interested. GoPros are used to take moving picture, easy choice as they are light and durable. They can be also easily attached to different places and surfaces.

We are also equipet with stardard system camera and a smaller weather resistant digital camera.


Goal Zeros solar panel keeps us powered

Other electronics

Otherwise we have a large selection of different kind of things to take to Greenland. Garmin GPS devices help to keep on the track to west coast. We have also watches with GPS function. These modern watches are quite useful things as they measure altitude, distance and heart rate etc. Lots of information available. One interesting piece is also a wind-o-meter from Silwa to measure temps and find speeds. So no legends but only facts with the "it was for sure at least 200km/hr storm."

Luckily we have quite endless amount of free energy to power all these things. Sun is in the sky practically 24/7 during expedition. When there is no clouds on the sky Goal Zeros Nomad13-panel charges equipment and Sherpa50 powerpack.