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During our expedition we in fact spend more time on our tent than on our skies. At camp we eat, sleep, blog and do all the things we need to. Tent is our home and heaven but also our only place to escape if the weather goes foul, like in case of a piteraq storm.


Hilleberg Keron 3GT


Our choice of a tent is swedish Hilleberg Keron 3 GT, the king of all arctic tents. Its made for winter and with minor modifications goes for Greenland easily. Large abside stores all our gear on camp and inner tent can easily accomodate two guys, stovebox and all other necessarities. Its a so called tunnel tent that erects both inner and outer tent at the same time. Small modifications like factory sewn snow hems and double poles make this the best thing to have.

In total the tent weight around 5kg. Three person version is perfect for two plus gear. Keron is very easy to use and put up even in harsh conditions, this is very important when you rely on your tent 110% and your life. This fortress is the thing.

We also take a light windbag with us just in case something very bad happens. Fjellräven windsack is light shelter that fits two person if needed. If our tent falls into a crevasse or gets torn by a storm we have something to depend on.


When you work hard you need to rest good. Specially if you work seven days a week, 10 hours every day for month and a half. Our choices of sleeping bags reflect to what we have used on our earlier trips, we know that it works for us. We both use double bag but in opposite way. Lauris system is a heavy down bag with a synthetic cover bag on top. Olli uses heavy synthetic bag with lighter down bag in side of it if needed. Both systems work well.

Expedition have used Thermarest pads for the last years and so do we use this time too. We both have the same system of Thermarest Ridgerest Solar DLX and Prolite Plus mattresses. Thermarest mattresses can be found from Partioaitta webstore.