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Gear at one of the training trips

Crossing Greenland takes a lot of different kind of equipment. At the glacier one is in the gentle grasp of mother nature 24/7.  Vast ice fields can be fierce at worst and if you are not well prepared to take what is coming it can be dangerous also.

First thing in gear is that it needs to last. Market-grade gear does not last Greenland for 40 days when wind is blasting or when sun is shining. For example shell jackets broken zipper or broken ski might cause quite a problem or in worst case evacuation from the ice. We do not want that.

Second key factor in gear next to durability is weight. As we haul all our gear from a to b on our own we need to keep control of the weight we take with us.  One need to take everything he needs but nothing extra that slows progress.

Third big factor is reliability. Same gear all day every day and those need to keep up every day. Of course expedition is prepared to all kinds of small problems and issues and is able to fix things but the first thing is that we excpect everything to last all the way. This is a main reason that we wanted to work with brands and gear that we know from our earlier trips.

We test all our gear during training trips. Good gear does nothing if one is not familiar with it and does not know how to use it.

Greenland Dreams expedition has excellent supporters that supply us with top quality gear for Greenland. Huge thanks for the supporters!

You can find more precise info of our gear from pages under this topic.