Expedition team

Expedition team


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Greenland Dreams - expedition team is made of two guys who have been friends for long time and share interest to winter outings. Lauri Hilander and Olli Häkkänen have been active at Nordic winter for years and now its time to take adventures to the next level. Lauri and Olli have also climbed together in the mountains and crags for several years.

Guys met at a scout camp during year 2006 and eventually served in the same military unit during their service year 2007 at Kontioranta military base. Both served at Guerilla troop, Olli as a corporal and Lauri as a second leutanant. From there started a time of joint adventures in the mountains and tundras. Now its time to take a leap for harder stuff.

Both dudes are originally from eastern Finland and have unique style of humor. They get a long easily and it was easy to decide to do this expedition as a two man team. Its all about joint dream of two guys, thus "Greenland Dreams."

But naturally they cant get everything done by themselfs. Thats why they have a support team to help with preparations and communications during the crossing.